How Plastic Can Be Part of an Eco-Friendly Move

Millions of people across the United States move every year. When preparing for a move, the first thing people usually do is collect as many cardboard boxes as they can find for packing. Cardboard boxes might be cheap and convenient, but they most likely end up in a landfill after you unpack your belongings and toss them aside. Cardboard and paper products are the most common household waste items in the United States, which means that keeping these materials out of the trash can help make a large impact on the environment.

What Is a Good Alternative to Cardboard Boxes for Moving?

Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are durable, reusable, and a great way to pack for a move. By using them time after time, plastic containers can considerably reduce waste. Great Guys Movers, a nationwide moving company, also points out that plastic containers have many different uses after your move, including being used for storage, passed along to friends and family, or sold to someone else once you’re finished using them.

Using plastic containers further reduces waste by protecting your belongings from moisture, dirt and bed bugs that can get into cardboard boxes during a move. This means that you won’t have to throw away any damaged or ruined items, preserving your belongings.

Where Can You Buy Plastic Containers for Moving?

Plastic containers are sold at most department, big box, or dollar stores. Many moving companies offer plastic containers, and you can also find them used on eBay or from yard sales as well.
Big box stores or moving companies typically sell plastic containers.

Which Plastic Containers Are Best for Moving?

The best containers for moving should include snug-fitting lids to protect your belongings. Lids are especially important if you’re transporting your containers in an open vehicle, such as a pickup truck or a flat bed trailer. You should also consider investing in special waterproof containers if you’re using an open vehicle to move.

Color coordinating your containers according to each room can make unpacking a lot easier. For example, you can use the color blue for all kitchen item containers, the color green for living room containers, and purple for bedroom containers. You can also write on the containers with a chalk marker or use sticky labels.

How Can Plastic Containers Be Reused?

Plastic containers have many different uses once your move is complete. They’re great for storing children’s items like toys, books, and art supplies. You can also use them to keep your out-of-season clothes safe from moisture and bugs, or store other seasonal items like Christmas lights, heavy blankets, and Halloween decorations. Plastic containers are also great for transporting groceries.

Reuse plastic containers by storing Christmas ornaments or other holiday decorations in the off-seasons.

Reuse plastic containers by storing Christmas ornaments or other holiday decorations.

Less common uses for plastic containers include carrying items home from yard sales and estate sales, collecting donations for food or clothing drives, and keeping personal things out of sight when staging your home for sale. You can save the containers for your next move or for your children to use when they go to college. Kids enjoy building forts and playing games with plastic containers, but remember to keep the lids put away for safety.

When planning your next big move, consider using plastic containers before heading to your nearest grocery store looking for cardboard boxes. Choose to reduce the environmental impact of your move while having a successful packing and unpacking experience.