Storage Containers For Long Distance Moving & Shipping

Moving is a big job filled with tons of opportunities for disaster. Combine that with the cost and the challenge of timing the end of one lease and the possession of a new home, and you may be tempted never to move again. PODs and other container moving options can help change your mind.

How It Works

With container moving, the company drops off an empty portable storage container at a time of your choosing. You fill it and have the moving company pick it up. You can choose to have the box stored or shipped to your new residence whether it is located around the corner or across the nation. Best of all, once you lock the container, it stays bolted with your belongings securely inside until you unlock it. No more worrying about how might be rifling your valuables when you are not around.

According to Moving Companies Long Distance, the moving storage container costs are quoted based on some variables, including:

  • Size
  • Distance
  • Estimated time of storing the container between locations
  • If packers are required

Advantages of Storage Containers

Traditionally, people moving must rent a truck and possibly hire movers. The moving day is scheduled weeks in advance, and the majority of the packing and hauling happens on a tight schedule. Depending on the length of the move, the movers may even transfer your belongings from one truck to another. Keep in mind, each time your items shift, they may be damaged, and the more unfamiliar hands involved in the move, the higher the chance sometimes with disappear.

With PODs and containers, you can have the container dropped off and take your time packing. No need to pay movers by the hour for what you can do over the course of days. When the container is filled, the movers pick it up and transport it to storage or your new residence. They help you keep your cost down because they can haul several containers at one time rather than devoting one truck and driver just to you. This shipping method is the same process many manufacturers have used to ship goods to retailers for decades.

DIY Made Easy

Not only do storage containers put you back into control of your schedule, but they also make it easy to relocate your household across the nation without needing to learn to drive a semi. You can take your time to pack your belongings carefully. If you need to put your items in storage, they can remain in the same container until you are ready to unpack.

Where to Find

To hire a POD or other container, consider these resources:

The next time you see a move in your future, consider using a container to transport your household goods. You may find the price is right, the convenience is outstanding, and the added security of maintaining the full protection of your belongings a relief.